I was born in Buffalo NY and grew up in Westchester NY, went to Somers High School class of 1979. I got married on the same day as my 30 year H.S. reunion!  Moved to Toms River NJ now Naples, Florida.

Years ago, when visiting Vergina’s Restaurant on 5th Avenue Baby V and Larry Dee got me to sing on stage. The crowd went wild! That weekend Larry Dee asked me to sing and then I bought my own equipment and started to market myself. I knew about 10 songs in the beginning now I have over 500 in my repertoire. I have sung on 3rd and 5th avenue in Naples, Mercato, Venetian Boat Parade, numerous country clubs, restaurants and many private parties and fundraisers.

I thank God and my parents for their continued prayers (& my mother passing her gorgeous voice onto me), and most of all my husband who is forever putting up with me singing 24/7. He is very patient but sometimes has to remind me to “STOP SINGING”. I try to stop during the Yankees and the Giants games but it is hard to stop. I often sing on the golf course – the Fiddlers Creek girls love it!

I sang in a Pop Band in high school and have always felt comfortable on the stage. I hope to one day do a Celine Dion tribute show singing her songs throughout the trying times in my life (bad relationships, not knowing what road to take, the prayer finding love At Last, Color of My Love etc…)

My most bittersweet note to fame was being chosen as a fill-in back up singer for Bruce Springsteen’s New Sun Rising Tour, a few years ago.
I met the entire band and for two days. No singer got ill so I never got to sing, but the experience was so surreal I will never forget it. I auditioned for Americas Got Talent in Orlando. And came close to convincing myself to go stand in line for 12 hours for the X-Factor but just couldn’t do it!

I had just finished reading Richard Carlson book Don’t Worry Live Better when he talks about “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” and taking chance (another Celine Song) and that in conjunction with taking voice lessons over the summer (I was getting rusty) and my voice teacher from Toms River NJ Harriett was so positive and encouraging that I went home one day after my lesson and did three You Tubes. I sent one to David Foster Born to Sing contest and the winner was going to be announced mid- Oct. The days came and went and I checked their website over 20 times a day – nothing. Then on the golf course 5 days before Thanksgiving I got the phone call of a lifetime – my game sank but my heart soared! (Our team still came in second) I had to tell Mom and Dad we had to cancel Thanksgiving I was going to Vegas!

Meeting David Foster and Charice (singer, actress star of Glee) was fantastic. David is an awesome, charismatic and funny! Charice is a powerful singer in a tiny body.
Robin Leach from Lifestyles of the rich interviewed me afterwards and Famous in many years – He gave me a glowing review!

Best-case scenario I get to record some songs and make some hits! But the best-case scenario has already happened. I had been picked out of 1000’s of people and I feel I am a winner already!

My whole life I have struggled with what am I suppose to do with my life, who am I, what was I born to do – I never really knew just exactly what career I should pick. I knew I wanted to sing and counsel people. I have a Master’s degree in counseling – So I hope my music is therapeutic to all. It is a great feeling to be doing exactly what you love to do!

Musical influences are Celine Dion, Fleetwood Mac, Patsy Cline, Astrud Gilberto, Charice, Eagles, Toni Braxton, Lady Gaga, Norah Jones, Rosemary Clooney, Jo Stafford, Josh Grobin, Barbara Streisand, Faith Hill, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jefferson Starship, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Eva Cassidy and the late Danny Gaines who imitated singers exceptionally.

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